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Svenska folkjazzkvartetten/Mambo Noir Trio

Dörrar 19.30
Live 20.30
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On their self-titled debut album, MAMBO NOIR TRIO brings together the resonance of dark exotica and sway of 60´s latin jazz intothe melodic timbre of the Swedish archipelago.Recorded live in Matti Bye’s Studio Barnängen, fittingly located in the Hammarby harbour in Stockholm, the album features ninetracks of sure-handedly improvised music for piano, percussion and vibraphone.

From the Manciniesque opening track ”Noir” thatis receiving consistent plays on BBC 6 Music, to the shifting lullaby mood of ” Fin” that bookend the record through thewaltzy ”Clouds”, the music and dramaturgy unfold, painting slow seductive circles of faintly recognisable memories.

Mambo Noir Trio treats its source material with a tentative playfulness that allows vibraphone timbres time to diffuse and roll out, while double bass loops keep the musical movement grounded.

This approach is somewhat reminiscent of the American composerand “father of exotica” Martin Denny, with the harmonic nuances and melodic accessibility of jazz pianist Jan Johansson.Rhythmically the record brings to mind the bluesy, freewheeling sound of the Ethiopian singer, pianist and nun Emahoy Tsegue´-Maryam Guebrou.

Mambo Noir Trio is Matti Bye on piano and electronics (well know for his scores to contemporary films as well as vintage silentmovies), Vilhelm Bromander (Saigon, Musette, Joe Davolaz, Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation) on double bass and Dennis Egberth (Saigon, Joe Davolaz, El Perro del Mar, Taxi Taxi, Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation) on drums and percussion.

The recordings were influenced andcolored in by Anders af Klintberg, whom produced and mixed the record.”This is mambo for the 21st century: harmonic, freewheeling, bluesy, and with a touch of super cool jazz. Stunning stuff”HiFi Choice Magazine / 5 stars”Gripping, fascinating and a wonderful drama roll… Are you ready for your new favourite band?” Gaffa Magazine / 5 stars“Mambo Noir Trio deftly drop kicks the traditional kitsch stylings of the Cuban genre into touch, replacing it with an altogethercooler, smokey jazz club vibe by way of a David Lynch-type darkness…” R2 Magazine

Matti Bye – Piano
Vilhelm Bromander – Bas
Dennis Egberth – Trummor


Svenska Folkjazzkvartetten (The Swedish Folk Jazz Quartet) play traditional Swedish violin music, but as a jazz quartet.
The raw, swinging jazz and the beautifully mournful folk tones are woven together into an extraordinarily powerful mix.

Isak Hedtjärn has played with jazz legends like Mats Gustafsson, Tristan Honsinger, Christer Bothén etc. and he’s worked with more left field acts such as avantgarde punks Viagra Boys and is a member of Maurice Louca’s Elephantine Band.
The young saxophonist Jonas Liljeberg has a strong bond with the swedish folk music tradition, and together they’ve been exploring fiddle music on clarinet and saxophone for quite some time now.

They have made extensive research among old recordings and met with old Swedish fiddlers that still live, to learn the tradition and to find a unique way to play the traditional music, but in their own interpretation.

Together with bassist Vilhelm Bromander and drummer Anton Jonsson, both strongly rooted in the jazz tradition, they have found a very personal and individual approach to this music.

There is an enormous energy in the music that moves between the deepest heartfelt melancholy, the happiest dance music and unchained free jazz.

Isak Hedtjärn – Klarinett
Jonas Liljeberg – Saxofon/Klarinett
Vilhelm Bromander – Bas
Anton Jonsson – Trummor


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