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Israel Tshibangu

Surviving In Sweden As An African

Israel Tshibangu is a stand-up comedian who was born in Congo and raised in South Africa. He moved to Sweden a couple of years ago and together with his team they bring Africa to you. The entire show is in English; it kicks off with a series of performances in the form of dance and several other acts which sets a “back to Africa” mood.

”Surviving In Sweden As An African” is an act based upon Israel’s childhood and the period of his up-bringing all round Africa. He explains how he managed to adapt to the Swedish lifestyle and culture in the most hilarious ways possible. This act makes comparisons between Sweden and some African countries in which he has lived on a whole new different level. This show isn’t just a performance, he will mentally place you in the scene and allow you to re-live his journey and experiences firsthand.

Speltid: 2h inkl paus.

Åldersgräns: 16 år.

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