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Liisi’s songs build a personal journey through facing your own flaws and becoming a better person because of it. All of this is blended into electronic and vocal sound games.

Liisi Koikson has been a singer almost her whole life and is loved in Estonia for her bright voice and meaningful delivery. But it was just recently when she started to write her own music while studying in London and facing the big city alone. From then on it has been more important not to just interpret other writers words but to express her own personal journey through songs. Album “Coffee For One” is the result of exactly that and will be played at the concert with a full band of Estonias best musicians.

Liisi Koikson – vocals
Marek Talts – guitars
Raun Juurikas – Keyboards
Marti Tärn – bass
Martin Petermann – Drums

Tickets: 250 sek at the door.
Doors open: 19.30

Närmast på Scala


01 sep 09:00
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07 sep 19:00
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Kafferepet live!

08 sep 19:00
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Kafferepet live!

09 sep 19:00
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