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Jazz i Foajén: Vladan Wirant + Nella M.

Scala öppnar för säsongen med jazz i foajén!

Nella – vocals
Vladan – piano

Nella sings jazz, Vladan plays jazz. You would think it will be easy for them to figure out what to play together. Well… Nothing could be further from the truth!
After a long time of discussions, quarrels, pleas, blackmailing and bribes… they finally agreed upon:

– a few jazz standards
– a few non-jazz songs
– one original song
– one song with no notes or lyrics anywhere to be found,
– one Johnny Cash cover
– one song about alcoholism written pre-war
– and one song from a Polish movie about the war

What will it all sound like?
There is only one way to find out: Be there!

No cover charge.
Just bring your swishing heart!

Precis, glöm inte swishen!

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