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Ebba Åsman

Ebba Åsman is a young trombonist that plays with everyone from Nils Landgren and Brooklyn Funk Essentials to Molly Hammar and Broder John.

Playing and embracing different genres has made it natural for her to intertwine ideas from different styles, while keeping the music feeling organic and vibrant. Ebba Åsmans upcoming album is called ”Be Free” and it is a reminder to free yourself from society limiting labels and boxes and trust yourself and your intuition. She started composing from her ears and heart and ended up including layers of choir, soundscapes, and put a lot of effort into creating the right atmosphere and developing the sound image together with her producers. As well as adding percussion, creating beats, mixing technology with the rawness of the instruments.

The 12 of October will be the first time this music is played live.

Ebba Åsman – trombone and voice
Anna-Greta Sigurdardottir – keys and voice
Tomas Sjödell – bass
Sebastian Ågren – drums

150:- betalas i dörren med swish!

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