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Comedy STHLM

Here is a NEW #ComedySTHLM dear friends! (the event will be held in Russian)
We’re excited to invite you to our upcoming show ”Comedy STHLM” which for this time will be held in a totally new format!
Now you will be able to feel the delicacy of the true humor while being in a vivid stage atmosphere.

And let´s plan our meeting! So this is how the event is going to look like:
As usual, the guests are expected at 6 p.m.
We start the show at 7 p.m. Don´t be late!

The event´s hashtags are still the same: #ComedySTHLM / #КамедиСтокгольм

Dress code: Casual
Age limit: 16+

The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the program.

Speltid: 90 min ingen paus


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01 sep 09:00
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08 sep 19:00
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Kafferepet live!

09 sep 19:00
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