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Clarendon X Dixies List

This is one of those nights…
Come out and see the dream-pop magic of Clarendon, and indie-rock explosivity of Dixies list at Scala-källaren!

This is Clarendons first gig in 5 years.
Clarendon is the dreampop/indie rock project of Camilo Karlsson. In 2023, Clarendon celebrated 5 years since the self-named album was released.
After a time away, the re-vamp is real. Reverberated guitars mix with a sea of pads, lively drums and sombering vocals,
Inspired by the shoegaze and dream pop movement of the 90s and early 2000s,/2010s bands such as Slowdive, Japanese Breakfast, Blue Smiley, etc.

The Stockholm based trio Dixies List is the group their lead singer and guitarist Valle was eager to form after having been brainwashed by the music and style from the late 60’s and 70’s. After obstructing his father from throwing away his old vinyl collection, there was no stopping the mid teenage kid from drowning in inspiration from the needle scratching plastic, and pulling down his best friends with him.
Valle Hedlund (Lead Singer / Guitarist) Fanny Betnér (Bass guitar / Backing Vocals) Alvin Olin (Drums / Backing Vocals)

Doors: 20:00
Entrance: 75:-

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