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COLOURS is the new album (the fifth) by Cecilia Sanchietti, Italian drummer and composer based in Sweden and Italy, released in January with the Parco della Musica Record label, in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute in Stockholm and the Swedish Embassy in Rome. Three singles have been released so far: Dark Blue, Argento, Pink. November23, with official presentation at the ’Roma Jazz Festival’.
The CD stems from the previous album released in 2021 with the Cecilia Sanchietti Swedish Quintet ”Postcard from Gamla Stan” (https://rb.gy/sxixrm) and aims to continue the path previously built: to create a blend of Scandinavian and Italian music, with a modern jazz mood, such as the Brian Blade Fellowship, contemporary, pop-jazz, ECM, with flashes of world music sounds.

From Cecilia Sanchietti’s second album, ’La terza via’ (https://rb.gy/aubhvr) dedicated to courage, to ’Postcard from Gamla Stan’ (https://rb.gy/sxixrm) dedicated to kindness, the new CD ’Colours’ draws and imagines emotions and moods. Each song is a colour, an intimate reflection of one’s own experience that does not need words, in fact it lacks them and is therefore truer. The CD is an opportunity and a mirror for each listener, an imaginative and identifying opportunity.

Cecilia Sanchietti – Drums and compositions
Alberto Pinton – Tenor sax, clarinet and bass clarinet, flute
Lutte Berg – Electric guitar
Adam Forkelid – Piano
Mauritz Agnas – Doublebass

Concert starts at 20:00 ( doors19:30 )

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