Ergin Özdemir

Diversity starts with you

He calls himself a love immigrant and has never let anyone put him in an immigrant bin that could limit him. Ergin Özdemir stepped in to the adult world as a newly graduated oil engineer, but in the last minute he canceled what could be a lifechanging meeng. He chose a different path than his father had chosen for him and ended up in the tourism industry.

It was love that brought Ergin to Sweden in the 90’s.

Soon, he realized that it was at the Employment Service that he would be helped to step into the Swedish labor market. But there were closed doors. Despite the hard start for him, he found ways into the Swedish society.

Today, Ergin has lived longer in Sweden than in his nave country, Turkey. Aer a degree at handelshögskolan in Stockholm, more than 10 years as a partner in an IT consulng company and working as a director at Telia, he today runs Diversity Iniave Sweden AB in order to be able to work full-me on what he’s most passionate about; diversity. His convicon is that when people get chances, they will take advantage of them.

Ergin has many job chances for young and new arrivals. Created collaborave projects with companies and is a true entrepreneur. He’s also the iniator of Årets Mångfalds- bragd that will shine on an individual who makes a courageous effort for differences in the hidden.

This lecture is a must for everyone! Ergin opens our minds and reminds us that it does’nt really need to be so complicated with diversity. It’s enough to just take the me to listen to understand, have the courage to say hi to a stranger.

We don’t need to help people with anything – it’s enough to give them a chance.

This lecture is about so much more than diversity. It’s about movaons, living in the moment and creang a beer society together.

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